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At Behavior Medicine Associates in Honolulu, HI, my practice is in health psychology. This is the practice of helping clients understand how behavior affects health and finding ways to change harmful behaviors into healthy ones.

As a licensed health psychologist, my work is strongly linked to clinical psychology, which, simply put, is the relation between health and psychologically-based stress, manifested in anxiety, depression, and trauma memories.

I have done much work in the line of children’s health issues. I was awarded the American Psychological Association’s distinguished Research Award in Pediatric Psychology. My award winning textbook is widely used internationally and at the best hospitals on Behavioral Medicine covers topics including eating disorders, surgery preparation, orthopedic recover and innovations in rehabilitation, adherence to medical regiments and management of childhood disorders including phobias, aggression, enuresis, hyperactivity.

Being in the field of health psychology for many years has allowed me to work alongside many outstanding medical professionals in hospitals and clinics. I have collaborated on books, research, and panel discussions, worked on large-scale behavior change programs, and helped to train other healthcare professionals. My most satisfying work today is helping individuals find their way back to full health. And with this passion, I founded Behavior Medicine Associates in Honolulu, HI.

I base my practice on all the knowledge and experience that I received through years of education, clinical practice, and research. I include psychotherapy, behavior modification, and health education in my treatment plans. I use different strategies that work best for an individual. These strategies include but are not limited to:

• Mindfulness Training-Meditation
• Imagery Therapies
• Hypnotherapy
• Biofeedback
• Say It Differently
• Assertiveness Training

Working directly in a clinical setting, I conduct behavioral assessments, clinical interviews, and personality tests with clients. This helps me to get to know my clients and begin to build a treatment plan. I can work with clients on an individual basis or group sessions as well. I participate in interventions with groups or individuals teaching how to avoid unhealthy behaviors, prevent illness, and promote healthy behaviors.

In health psychology, clients benefit from learning the best techniques for promoting healthy behaviors, coping skills for pain and illness, and effective preventative measures.

My years of experience has given me a strong foundation to build Behavior Medicine Associates in Honolulu, HI. Learn more about my services by calling today.

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