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What makes conflict and how are conflicts resolved? These answers and more are found at Behavior Medicine Associates in Honolulu, HI. As a conflict resolution specialist, I teach clients how to identify conflict, how to prepare to engage in conflict, how to turn a disagreement into a healthy discussion, and, finally, how to resolve the issue.

Conflict resolution starts with self exploration. Through conflict resolution counseling, you will learn how disagreements affect you and why you respond the way you do, which leads to a better understanding of how behaviors relate to the conflict resolution process. The process then continues with more learned behaviors in the following areas:

• Recognition Of A Problem
• Explore Underlying Desires And Fears
• Create A Plan Of Action
• Finding A Mutually Agreeable Solution

Conflicts are everywhere. When two people get together, whether it be family members, co-workers, friends, neighbors, or an adult-child situation, often someone will want something one way, while the other pulls in the opposite direction. Working out the differences while keeping yourself calm and cooperative is essential in conflict resolution. As a family therapist, I can help you learn the skills you need and teach you how to apply them to everyday conflicts.

There is a relationship between mediation and psychology and in my conflict resolution therapy, I use my expertise in psychology and skills in mediation to help you through the conflict resolution process.

A main focus here at Behavior Medicine Associates in Honolulu, HI is mediation and conflict resolution. My goal is that you find the best solution for handling conflicts, apply it to your daily life, and be a healthier “you.” Call me today.

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